Top 5 Benefits of Plan Management

Below we explore the benefits of plan management, the funding option that gives participants the most flexibility while maintaining control over your NDIS plan.

Let’s face it, becoming an NDIS participant isn’t always a stress-free process. There are decisions to be made, paperwork to be completed, and lots of phone calls and meetings. One thing you should consider is how you will manage your plan. It is an important decision and one that you will generally have to stick with for the life of your plan whether it’s 12 or 24 months.

So, what are your options? Agency managed, self-managed or plan managed. We have a useful NDIS funding table that can help you learn the difference between them.

Current participants will also find this article useful if you’re considering changing to plan management in your next plan or you are interested in changing to a different plan management provider.

1. An expert team of Plan Managers

Our plan managers are available to answer funding and general NDIS questions. The benefit of being plan managed is that you will have a dedicated team you can contact without long wait times. Talk to the same person and have your questions or problems solved quickly. Our team will ensure providers are charging correctly for the services you receive and process payments swiftly so you can continue to access the supports you need.

2. The choice to use any provider- registered or not registered with the NDIS

Being plan managed with Budgetnet gives you the option to use any provider whether they are registered or not registered with the NDIS. This can be a great benefit, giving you the option to shop around to get the best possible service and price that will suit your needs.

For example, your Occupational Therapist has recommended the purchase of some assistive technology such as a shower chair. An NDIS registered company has one for $150. You head down to a local store and find the same one for $50, however, that shop isn’t a registered NDIS provider. Because you are plan managed you can purchase the cheaper chair with your NDIS funding. Send us a copy of the invoice for payment or a copy of the purchase receipt and we will put the money back into your allocated bank account. You have saved $100 from your NDIS budget that can now be used on another service. It is important to make sure you have funding available within your plan before making a purchase, we are always here to help you check.

3. Payments looked after for you

Have peace of mind knowing that you will not have to process your own payments, keep records of invoices, and fix any funding issues, that’s why we are here!

Our invoicing process is simple, once we receive an invoice it’s either automatically approved or an email is sent to you to approve the payment- with one simple click you can approve the payment and we take care of the rest. The below flow chart outlines how the process works in more detail:

4. Tracking your funding is easy with our free app

Keeping track of the funding you have available in each category of your plan can be hard. Another benefit of being plan managed with Budgetnet is our free and easy to use app, which gives you a snapshot of what you have spent and what is still available in your plan. The best part, you can easily view all invoices we have received so you have complete control over your spending.

5. Minimal paperwork

Wondering how hard it is to become plan managed? Its super simple!

New NDIS participants:

Request Plan Management in your planning meeting with the NDIS. You can also print and complete this form to take to the meeting with you if you prefer. Once you receive your first NDIS plan, contact Budgetnet and we will set up your account. We can be ready to take care of your payments within 24 hours.

 Currently plan managed with another provider:

If you are using another plan manager and you are unhappy with the service being provided, it is not too difficult to change over to Budgetnet. Just notify your current plan manager and end the service agreement, then contact us on 1300 402 568 or email

Current NDIS participant with an agency or self-managed plan:

Are you currently agency or self-managed and interested in changing your plan over to plan management? Changing the way your plan is managed before the end of your plan requires a complete plan review from the NDIA. This process can be tricky so it may be best to wait until your plan ends. In your plan review, don’t forget to request to change over to plan management.

Head over to our registration page for more information on becoming plan managed with Budgetnet.

Who is suited to plan management?

Plan management is suited to participants who do not want the stress of managing their own NDIS funding but still want the freedom and flexibility to get the most out of their NDIS plan. No matter your needs, whether you work with 2 providers or 20 providers we will make managing your NDIS plan simple.

Visit the NDIS website to understand more about plan management. To find out more about our service contact us on 1300 402 568 or email