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Budgetnet's frequently asked questions. Here you can find the most common questions and answers to us and our service.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BudgetNet?
We are a personal budgeting service, we help people get back on track and manage their debt. We want to see our clients achieve their financial goals and prosper.

How does BudgetNet Work?
We work with our clients to set goals, understand income and spending. We design a budget plan just for you. We set you up on our budgeting and financial software to provide you full visibility of your situation.
We want to remove the stress of managing your budget. Using your income deposited into your BudgetNet account we can pay your bills, provide a weekly living allowance to you and start saving. We can also work with your creditors to negotiate payment plans.
We are also mortgage brokers through AFG. This allows us to compare a range of mortgage product and help find a product suitable to you.

What bills can we manage?
BudgetNet can manage most of your financial commitments through your BudgetNet account. This includes any payments that can be paid via Bpay or direct transfer, we cannot accept direct debits. We can also set money aside for future expense such as car repairs, once off insurance bills or rates.

How do I know what bills have been paid?
You will continue to receive the bills from your creditors along with statements from us. We provide a quarterly report which outlines the transactions made from your account. You can also login to your BudgetNet account and see a list of transactions.

What if I get a bill that we haven’t planned?
We work with you to have positive savings, this money can then be used for unexpected bills. You just need to contact us and we will organise a payment to your account.

What if I spend more than I earn?
This is very common, we will work with you to lower your spending to a point where you will be in a situation where you can start saving again . This can include, reviewing your bills, mortgage or sending a request to have your insurance review by our referral partners.

Will I have enough to live on?
During our phone based sessions we work with you to discover what your living expenses are. We want you to have a lifestyle that’s enjoyable, however sometimes changes need to be made to ensure you can hit your longer term goals.
If the budget we have prepared is unreasonable please contact us immediately to make the necessary changes.

Do I still control my finances?
You’re still in control, we will pay your bills and manage the day to day spending but you still make the decisions. We provide feedback and options but it’s your decision. Our aim is to make it easier for you to live and enjoy life without having to worry about payments.

Can you cut my bills in half?
No, we can’t. We try to fix your situation by budgeting and coming up with arrangements with your creditors. This is called an informal arrangement and is typically better for your credit rating.
Some companies will look at setting up debt agreements which can have adverse effects on your credit rating.

Will I still get calls from bill collectors?
Most calls will stop, you do need to authorise us to discuss your account with them. If you do get contacted please provide them our contact details and we can talk with them on your behalf.

How much does it cost?
As everyone’s situation is different as such we have tailored pricing. We offer a complementary no obligation budgeting session which takes roughly 45mins.

What’s the benefit of using BudgetNet?
We have worked with many different clients all with a unique set of issues. Our Budget Coaches have all worked and studied as a financial planner and can be a great resource for your situation.
We are qualified mortgage brokers, also we have AccountantNet, our inhouse accounting solution and AccountantNet financial planning.
With BudgetNet you’re not just getting a Budget Coach, you’re getting a team of financial professionals.

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