How To Find A Good NDIS Plan Manager

With so many different plan management companies out there, finding the one that’s going to be right for you can be difficult. Here we take a look at some key factors to consider in order to ensure that the plan manager you end up with is one that’s exactly right for your needs.

NDIS registration

First and foremost, any plan manager needs to be NDIS registered. This is your guarantee that they are part of a reputable organisation that’s been through some initial checks and which meets some basic criteria of trustworthiness. The NDIS holds information on all registered providers within your state. Take a look at <a href=””>the NDIS website</a> to check that your provider is on the list.

The ability to facilitate your wishes

Being able to communicate effectively with your plan manager is crucial to success! It’s important to feel at ease with the manager, and to trust them with getting the best outcome for your NDIS funding. Some budget holders may wish to access alternative treatments or manage their disability in an unconventional manner. Checking that your plan manager will feel comfortable in advocating to have your requirements met on your terms is vital if the relationship is going to work well.

Can they help you build capacity?

Ultimately, some budget holders will want to take over the management of their funding themselves. Others will want to equip themselves with additional knowledge of the providers available, type of costs which are reasonable and how best to select a suitable provider. A good plan manager will see part of their role as informing, facilitating and enabling, helping budget holders to keep control of how their budget is being used.

Do their communication methods suit your needs?

Some plan managers work entirely virtually, others offer a range of ways to keep in touch. Similarly, managers may want monthly, bi-monthly or fortnightly meetings to check in with budget holders. Take the time to find out how each one of your shortlisted plan managers operates to ensure you get the best fit for your needs.

Testimonials and reviews

Previous and current users are often the best way to get a good feel for how a plan management company operates. Luckily, reviews and testimonials are usually readily available online. These can give you an excellent idea of how a company operates, as well as any pitfalls or things to be aware of.

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