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District 360 Supports

Services offered

  • Coordination of Supports
  • Core – Assistance with Daily Life
  • Core – Assistance with Social & Community Participation

The District360 team are passionate and understand that not everyone’s support needs are the same, therefore we work with you to ensure the best possible care plan.

Support Coordination

 Our support coordinators help you get the most out of your support package. We are well connected and work hard to ensure that your services are tailored to suit your support requirements to enable you to continue to live independently and enjoy the quality of life you deserve. We also actively work with your informal supports by creating A Circle of Support. Best outcomes for you, with the support of those who care about you the most!

For more information about our unique Support Coordination Plus model please check  the short video below.

Daily Supports

  We help by making things easy so you can continue to live independently. We can provide supports to change your bed sheets, sweep and mop floors, vacuum, walking your pets, prepare meals, shopping, gardening, or low maintenance around the home.

Unique Group Experiences

We love music and so do our teams. We provide a fun and safe way to attend live music events working alongside the event promoters and getting support from the disability community.

Supports – Community Participation

We believe it is critical to have the right supports to help you get out an about and participate in community to attend appointments, events and activities.

Our speciality is creating unique memorable experiences at music festivals, where you can dance like no one is watching!

24/7 Care

We provide 24/7 care through Supported Independent Living (SIL)  or Independent Living Options (ILO), to help you live as independently as possible. This can sometimes be a group of people sharing a home together, or one person receiving support in their own home. We work hand in hand with you to select the right team.