Future Proof Early Intervention

Services offered

  • Allied Health
  • Daily Living Skills

According to Early Childhood Intervention Australia, early intervention is best practiced using a Key Worker Model. The Key Worker Model brings all therapy under one main therapist. A Key Worker is an Early Childhood Intervention Professional such as an Early Childhood Special Educator, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist or other Paediatric Allied Health Professional.

The Key Worker is the main person who is working alongside the family/carer to support the child’s progress towards the NDIS plan goals. The Key Worker liaises with their team in the child’s life (which can include the parent/carers as well as occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, specialist early childhood educators) and other services (e.g. Early Childhood Education and Care centres) working together when working with the family/carer to support the child.

At Future Proof Early Intervention we have an experienced Early Childhood therapist with 20 years in childhood development and education, leading the team to help families to meet their NDIS goals and advocate for their children. We build families capacities to increase early intervention from a family centred approach and allow this to occur naturally through their daily routines.

Why are we different

We are a small business that is able to cater to each family’s individual needs. We focus on what’s important to the family and how best we can assist them to build their capacity to help their child grow and develop. We are able to simplify therapy that is understood at a family level. Making therapy a part of a family’s day turns it into an enjoyable experience in the child’s environment and allows the skills to be transferable within the family home rather than in a clinic.