Services offered

  • Core – Assistance with Daily Life

Here at Maid in Melbourne, we fully understand the difficulties and the complexities of living with a disability. If you have had difficulty in finding an understanding, friendly and professional cleaner to assist you in your time of need, then look no further. As an approved NDIS provider, Maid in Melbourne cleaners have been proudly assisting NDIS recipients since the inception of the national scheme in 2016, and it would be a privilege to serve you.

We also understand that every customer’s needs are different because every individual’s disability is different. That is why we will work with you or your Support Coordinator to understand the support required and to provide the cleaning service that best meets your requirements. Once we have discussed your needs, we will create a Service Agreement that is in line with your Plan requirements and work out a schedule of services for you.

Let the cleaners from Maid in Melbourne take care of your cleaning requirements like:

  • Regular domestic cleaning service (weekly or fortnightly)

– vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, cleaning kitchen surfaces, etc.

•   We can also help you with the washing, ironing, changing sheets and making beds

You have the freedom to nominate the day, time and for how long the cleaner is required. At Maid in Melbourne, we believe that personal relationships are critical, that is why as an NDIS client you will have the same cleaner once/week or once a fortnight. That cleaner will get to know you and your specific requirements, and they will ensure that your house is left sparkling clean and smelling fresh every time.

Whether you are plan managed or a self-funded participant of NDIS, our caring, reliable and meticulous cleaners will leave your house in brilliant condition every time. Getting your cleaning done by Maid in Melbourne alleviates one of life’s stresses and consequently allow you to focus on more important things in your life i.e. independence, education, employment and health and wellbeing.

Our NDIS cleaning services can be completed as daily, weekly, bi-weekly or one-off visits.

For over seventeen years, Maid in Melbourne has been committed to providing flexible and tailored support to meet individual customer cleaning needs. With Maid in Melbourne’s NDIS domestic support services, you now have greater choice over where you direct your NDIS Core funding.