The Smith Family Building. Corner of Launceston & Easty Street, Woden, ACT, 2606.




Reach Out Canberra

Services offered

  • Coordination of Supports
  • Core – Assistance with Daily Life
  • Core – Assistance with Social & Community Participation
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Finding and Keeping a Job
  • Health and Well-being
  • Increased Social and Community Participation

Reach Out Canberra is a registered support provider. We provide support to persons in our community living with psychosocial disabilities, and we do so through the lens of our three values – Dignity, Inspire and Enable.

Our unique approach – Here at Reach out Canberra we believe that recovery is possible, and have dedicated our organisation to support people navigate their way through the recovery journey.

Our Staff 

  • Our staff have a minimum qualification of certificate 3 in mental health and/or equivalent.
  • Each year, our staff participate in 4 professional development programs which include medication training, restrictive practice, managing challenging behaviours, incident management and professional boundaries in the workplace.
  • Our staff participate in face-to-face supervision once every 3 months and scheduled monthly check-ins with management.
  • Our staff bring their unique abilities and interests to provide high quality care with a difference.

Our Services

  • Social and Community Support – allow our staff to support you attend appointments, collect some groceries, go for a coffee and do some recreational activities.
  • Support Coordination – our support coordinators are here to help you understand your ndis plan. We will support you to identify, choose and connect with supports, communicate with service providers to ensure services are meeting your needs, assist you with plan budgeting and support you to prepare your plan review.
  • Mentoring – At times, when life is hard to navigate, we all need guidance and support to become the best version of ourselves. Our mentors are committed to supporting you. They will help you set goals, troubleshoot, and overcome obstacles. Each of our mentors will apply their personal experience, knowledge, and hobbies to support you to learn and grow.
  • Autism Program – We understand living with Autism poses many unique challenges, leaving people feeling isolated and lacking the opportunity to learn social skills. Our staff are specifically trained to support people living with autism, helping them to support people living with autism, helping the, navigate their way through life’s challenges. Our aim at Reach Out Canberra is to connect people and provide an environment where they can build relationships and develop vital social skills. Whether it’s individual support or group based, we are here to help.
  • Music Lessons – Music Therapy is a wonderful way to improve both your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Are you interested in learning to play an instrument but struggle to learn in mainstream settings? We can help. We provide one-to-one lessons to ensure you receive individual care. Each lesson is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of our participants. Learn a new skill in the comfort of your own home and apply relaxation techniques so you can enjoy the learning process.
  • Domestic Assistance – We all need help from time to time. Domestic assistance is one way Reach Out Canberra can help you. Whether it is decluttering your home or simply giving it a vacuum, allow us to make your life a little easier.
  • Medication Assistance – We recognise that medication compliance for some people is extremely challenging. Due to a variety of factors, individuals can be challenged at various times throughout the year to take their medication. Reach Out Canberra staff provide a one hour medication assistance shift during these times. They can help prepare a meal, watch tv, or just sit with a person after taking their medications, to provide the comfort and reassurance during these challenging times.

Our Groups – join one of our groups to build friendships and experiences.

  • Weekly Bowling Group
  • Weekly Woman’s Group