Amari services

Services offered

  • Core ā€“ Assistance with Daily Life

Iā€™m here today just to let you all know the type of services I offer. Iā€™m a decluttering specialist for Amari Services. Mainly dealing with hoarded or squalor homes is the main focus.

What clients and support networks receive with this service?

  • Free assessment
  • Clients goal Photographs and thorough explanatory steps of stages
  • Removal of unwanted goods Clutter image rater supplied to supports
  • Full deep spring clean after declutter.
  • Before and after photographs supplied

My aim is to transform anything that comes my way.

Each client is treated with the respect and integrity they deserve. The main objective is to transform a clients home into a functional and clear space they can call their new home and beginning.

If you know of any client that may need this service, I would be more than willing to assess the job šŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your time today

Connie Georgiou
Decluttering specialist 0422506658