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Required information

Please send any invoices directly to .

In order for an invoice to be processed quickly without issues the following information should be included. Providing an invoice without all appropriate data may lead to delays. Payment generally takes 5 working days.

  • Your Business Name
  • Your ABN
  • Client Name
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Services provided
  • Service rate
  • Quantity provided
  • Banking details
  • Remittance details
NDIS Process

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Processing Times

  • As we are also a small business, we understand the importance of regular prompt payments.
  • We claim form the NDIS on Tuesdays and Thursdays for payments to be made on Wednesday and Fridays. Remittance is sent out the same day.
  • Provided your invoice is received before 3pm the day before it will generally be included in the following run. Occasionally there is issues, and, in each case, we will make contact if there is any delay in payment.
  • If you haven’t received payment after 8 working days, please contact us.

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