Placing you at the heart of your NDIS plan management

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What is Plan Management?

Plan management is when a company such as BudgetNet takes care of paying providers who have delivered services/items to NDIS participants on their behalf. As your chosen Plan Manager, we will communicate with providers about your invoice, request payment from the NDIS and pay it through to your service provider.

Plan management is simple and allows you to have more flexibility to get the most from your plan. 

What does it cost?

There are NO out of pocket costs to participants. 

Payment for Plan Management is set out in your plan as a stated support under the “Improved Life Choices” category. 

This means the funds are only available for plan management and won’t take away funding for other important supports you may need. 


How do I get started with BudgetNet?

It’s simple, we will have your account up and running in 24 hours! 


Sign our electronic service agreement below OR give us a call on 1300 402 568 and one of our friendly team can set up your account over the phone


Send your NDIS plan or budget breakdown to us. You can email us at or send photos of your budget pages to 0428 583 575


We will give you a call, introduce ourselves and see if there are any other queries, we can assist you with.

Benefits of being Plan Managed

NDIS Plan Funding OptionAgency Managed (NDIS Managed)Self ManagedBudgetNet Plan Management
Invoices Saved in case of Audit
Easy access to planning staff
App to track spending and funding amounts
 for a fee
Government Funded
Expert team to assist with claims
Access to NDIS approved providers
Access to non Registered providers
Assistance with Changing providers and billing
Minimal paperwork


You have the right to access an advocate if you need to. Advocates assist by ensuring your rights are upheld and your part of the decision-making process. You can find advocates using the following link

Useful Downloads

Below you will find some helpful BudgetNet and NDIS documents to assist in your NDIS journey.