Plan management is the assistance of managing your NDIS funding and providers. Through Budgetnet we communicate with providers about your invoice, request payment from the NDIS and pay it through to your service provider.
Plan management is really simple. Firstly, ensure or request that you have funding for plan management within your NDIS plan. Once you receive your plan get in contact with us, we will setup everything in our systems. Then when you receive your invoices send them through to us via one of our options, these include, Email, MMS and post.



As long as you have funding for plan management “Improved Life Choices” within your NDIS portal, there is no out of pocket costs to you. We charge a setup fee and monthly ongoing fees which is paid through the provision in your NDIS plan. This money doesn’t reduce any of your other funding category.
Give us a call on 03 8899 6258, email us directly on or complete our registration page. We have an electronic on boarding processes which can be completed remotely.



We operate in one of two ways:

  1. Standard – this is when you view and approve each invoice – you would have the provider send the invoice directly to you then you will forward to us either via email, MMS or post
  2. Direct from provider – this is where you approve us to pay invoices we receive directly from providers. You need to provide us with a list of the providers you will be using, and we will verify them and pay the invoices as received. Any issues with invoices will need to be raised directly with the provider.
BudgetNet Process We operate in one of two ways: Standard and Direct from Provider 01Provider Generates the invoice and sends to client or BudgetNet 02You receive invoice an verify the charges are correct 03We validate the source, if approve we applyto our processing queue – If not validatedit is sent to the client for approval 04Submit the Claim Careview Advantage isupdated 05Funds received are matched tothe invoice 06Providers are paid, and remittance sent

Funding Methods available


NDIS Plan Funding OptionAgency Managed (NDIS Managed)Self ManagedBudgetnet Plan management
Invoices Saved in case of AuditXXY
Easy access to planning staffXXY
App to track spending and funding amountsXY for a feeY
Government FundedYYY
Expert team to assist with claimsXXY
Access to NDIS approved providersYYY
Access to non Registered providersXYY
Assistance with Changing providers and billingXXY
Minimal paperworkXXY


You have the right to access an advocate if you need to. Advocates assist by ensuring your rights are upheld and your part of the decision making process. You can find advocates using the following link

Useful downloads

Below you will find some helpful Budgetnet and NDIS documents to assist in your NDIS journey.