Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

BudgetNet takes your privacy very seriously. We follow a strict privacy policy to keep your information secure and confidential. We adhere to the privacy act 1988 and other surrounding legislation. For more information on privacy in Australia please visit the website of the office of the Australian information commissioner at

This privacy policy outlines the information we may collect from you along with why and how we collect it. It tells you how we keep the information secure and how it may be used or disclosed. This privacy policy applies to all interactions with BudgetNet whether it be online, over the phone, post or in person.

References to ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘BudgetNet’ in this policy refer to all employees of BudgetNet Pty Ltd. For information about contacting BudgetNet please see our contact details in our home page.

How we gather information

BudgetNet receives personal information in a number of ways. These included:

  • During any face to face interviews
  • Directly from any referral forms
  • Directly from you via the phone
  • Directly from you via the internet or email
  • Directly from your providers, or other third party’s once you provide authorisation

You have the right to refuse to add us as authorised delegates with your third party providers. However this may impact our service to you.

What kind of information we collect

We only collect relevant information about you that is needed to establish and maintain your account and services, as the law allows and/or requires us to collect. We may collect personal and financial information about you that is “non-public”.

We will be collecting personal information, such as contact details and other identifying information that is needed to conduct our service.

Without your consent we will not collect information that reveals your racial/ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, membership status, health details, sexual orientation or criminal record. This is subject to some exceptions, including where the collection is required or allowed by law, and when the information is necessary for the establishment of a defence legal claim. We understand the information is sensitive and we have been trained to treat any sensitive information as highly confidential.

Anonymous analytical information such as gender and age brackets may be collected when you browse our website. This is managed through google analytics. No information collected via this means can be identified as a particular person.

Why we collect information and how it is used

We collect info information about you for the primary purpose of providing quality supports and services to you. We need to collect some personal information from you to ensure our services meet your needs. If you do not provide this information, we may be unable to fully provide these services. This information will also be used for:

  1. Administrative purposes for running our service
  2. Billing you directly, through the NDIS, or other agency if required
  3. Use within our service to ensure you are provided with quality supports and services
  4. Disclosure of information to the NDIA, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, or other government agencies if needed
  5. Disclosure of information to health professionals to ensure high quality health care for you if needed
  6. Disclosure to other providers in order to provide appropriate services

Keeping information accurate

We attempt to ensure all personal information we collect and use is accurate. To ensure we can maintain our services and accuracy of information can you:

Inform us of any errors as soon as possible and update us when your situation changes.

Keeping your private information secure

We are committed to keeping your information secure and confidential. We use a variety of technology’s and systems to control and manage access to your information. These files are accessible to authorised personnel only. All computer based information is protected through the use of access passwords and data is backed up regularly.

Accessing your information

You have a right to access your personal information subject to exceptions allowed by law. We ask that you provide your request in writing using your contact details, we will then provide you access to that personal information. If you believe any personal information is incorrect please contact us to get it corrected.

It is a legislative requirement that we keep all personal information and records for a period of 7 years.

There are certain exceptions as to why we would not provide you a copy of your personal file. If this is the case we will provide you a written explanation for that refusal. All applications for access to personal information can be made to or by post to

Compliance Officer

BudgetNet Pty Ltd

PO box 28, Melton, Vic, 3337

How we disclose your information

We may provide your personal information to organisations outside of BudgetNet. These may include:

Compliance consultants to ensure we are meeting compliance standards.

Government and regulatory authorities and other organisations as required by law.

Your providers whom we are discussion payments that are outstanding.

Relevant authorities if we believe you or another person is in danger..

Third party data entry specialists predominately located in India and Philippines.

We may need to provide some of your information overseas if we are dealing with an overseas provider on your behalf.

We currently use third party providers to assist in the management and running of BudgetNet. Currently our main providers are Careview, Xero and Zoho. Each have different privacy policies, however we only use companies that can be trusted with your information.

Please contact us if you have any questions about or services or privacy policy.

Our details are:

Phone: 1300 402 568

Postal address:

PO Box 28, Melton, Vic, 3337

Any complaints will be responded to within seven days. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome you are entitled to contact the office of the privacy commissioner.