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Asset Health Support

Services offered

  • Core – Assistance with Daily Life
  • Core – Assistance with Social & Community Participation
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Health and Well-being
  • Improved Living Arrangements
  • Improved Relationships
  • Increased Social and Community Participation

Social Support

Social Support – By providing companionship, assistance with household tasks, active community engagement, and opportunities for learning new skills, social support can significantly enhance the ease, enjoyment, and comfort of your life.

Helping around the Home

Assistance with household tasks such as ironing, sheet changing, laundry, fridge defrosting, gardening, and more can be easily arranged through Asset Health platform, where you can book independent support workers for domestic services.

Personal care

Personal care services provide assistance with personal hygiene, toileting, oral health, dressing, and maintaining personal appearance. You can rely on considerate and respectful support that always prioritizes your comfort, dignity, and privacy.

Independent living

With Asset Health independent support workers, you can maintain a self-reliant lifestyle within the comfort of your own home. They offer a range of assistance, such as arranging transportation for essential tasks like banking visits, doctor appointments, collecting prescription glasses, and various other errands.


Asset Health provides travel assistance to make your journeys possible. Whether you’re planning a day trip to the beach or a weekend getaway, you can book independent support workers who will help you every step of the way.

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