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How Bellevue Podiatry supports NDIS participants and the community

People with disabilities can benefit from our menu of NDIS foot care supports that we offer at Bellevue Podiatry:

  • General foot and nail carefor NDIS participants unable to reach their feet, or do not have the function  or co-ordination to cut their toenails and remove callouses and painful corns.  Our experienced Podiatrists are careful and attentive in providing foot care services and all things foot health related.
  • Biomechanical Assessments: for NDIS participants with disability-related health issues experiencing pain and/or discomfort in the lower limb affecting your ability to walk or exercise comfortably.
  • Orthotic Therapy: for any NDIS participants in any discomfort and/or pain, correcting lower limb deformities, prevention of deterioration of foot health our orthotics custom insoles can help.
  • Heel Pain Treatment: our expert team can assess the root cause of heel pain and put in place an effective treatment plan for pain free walking and standing for NDIS participants.
  • Ingrown Toenails: removal of ingrown toenails, and correcting any nail deformities to allow pain free walking and wearing shoes for NDIS participants.
  • Fungal Nail Treatment: effective treatment plans to remove nail fungus and return to clear and healthy toenails for NDIS participants.
  • Diabetes / Foot Health Assessmentswe are experienced in the assessment, management, education and prevention of diabetes related foot pathologies for our NDIS participants.
  • Physiotherapy / Exercise Physiology: our clinic also supports an experienced team of Physios and Exercise Physiologists that can work with our Podiatrists as required to expand our Allied Health care services for our NDIS participants.

Download our guide to working with NDIS providers