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Community Nurses Australia

Services offered

  • Core – Assistance with Daily Life
  • Health and Well-being

Whether its 1 hour or 24 hours our nursing team are here to support you maintain your independence at home. At Community Nurses Australia we believe in providing the highest quality, holistic, compassionate care.

Whether your young or aging we believe that you should be able to get the nursing care you need where you are comfortable, secure, and cared for.

Our ambition is to provide the highest quality nursing care in the community. All our Nurses are highly qualified and rigorously screened to ensure we provide you with the best people to meet your needs. Whether your recently discharged from hospital, or at home requiring longer term care we are here to help.

Community Nurses Australia is founded on 9 keys principles.

1. Caring for the whole person

We believe in a person-centered approach to caring; we see the person not the need.

Why is this important?

People receiving care from us and their carers
• Feel supported
• feel a benefit from the social interaction of visits

2. Continuity of care

We endeavour to provide the same core nurses to provide individual care.

Why is this important?

•People receiving care from us do not have to repeat information
• People receiving care from us have confidence in the abilities of a known and trusted nurse

3. Personal manner of staff

Our attitude matters!

At Community Nurses Australia communication is key for us to provide you with the best quality care. Our nurses are caring, compassionate, polite, and respectful. We recognise that attitudes are imperative for effective communication and building trust.

Why Is this important?

So, you, your family and carers feel cared for and more confident in the care you are receiving.

4. Reliability of appointments

We believe in valuing your time. We provide reliable, predictable timing of your appointments and will inform you of any disruptions to this as soon as possible.

Why Is this important?

•You can plan and maintain your routines
•Plan for appointments and other care visits
•Maintain your social networks and contacts

5. Being available between appointments

We are here for you with information, advice and support.

Why Is this important?

•In the event of a deterioration or sudden worsening of a problem or other issue you can be confident we are here
•You can access reassurance and advise as you need it.

6. Valuing and Involving care and family

With your consent we involve your carers and family members in your care planning and decisions. We value their contributions and expertise. This also helps is to address your carers own needs and personal wellbeing.

Why Is this important?

•Staff can have a better understand your individual needs/preferences improving your experience of being cared for
•It helps your carers feel valued, recognised and supported in their caring role.

7. Being supportive advocates and coordinators

We can advocate and coordinate for you and your carers when dealing with multiple services.

Why Is this important?

Our nurses can discuss your needs and requirements with other professionals to support you access the services you require.

8. Clinical competence and expertise

All our nurses are experienced, have the knowledge and expertise to provide the best care for your needs.

Why Is this important?

You can be confident in the care you receive.

9. Client education and support to promote independence (where possible)

We believe in involving you in your care decisions and supporting you to maintain your independence.

Why Is this important?We can build a partnership with you, helping you to feel empowered in your ability to manage your own care needs with our support.

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