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There’s a new name in continence care.

Founder Jim Cormie has been working with healthcare products his whole life having run a wholesale medical products company.

Jim realised that everyday people suffering with incontinence needed more help finding the right products, and weren’t getting the quality, service or value for money they deserved.

Working closely with healthcare professionals, Jim made a commitment to deliver superior quality products and provide a high level of service.

About Us

  • We Keep It Simple
    You don’t want to spend hours comparing pads, so we’ve kept it simple. Our range is easy to understand, our products are easy to use and our website is easy to get around. So you can get the right product, right absorbency and fit so you can feel confident.
  • We Source Globally
    After 25 years in the wholesale medical supply business we have relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of today’s most advanced continence products. In many cases we’re making these products available to Australians for the first time.
  • We have a Comprehensive Range
    We found the best continence products in the world and created a range that will suit you now and into the future. We have a size, shape and absorbency for just about everyone and combined this with accessories that will make things even easier and more comfortable for you.
  • We look to The Future
    Cormie is committed to continuous improvement and as an example, we are working with world-leading scientists to include a Bluetooth enabled, moisture detection strip in our high dependency products.
    Once moist, the device will alert carers or nursing staff of the need to attend to their patient. The technology will ultimately be able to alert family members too and thereby provide absolute peace of mind.It’s just one example of the Cormie commitment to customer comfort and dignity.

    Online assessment

    Online assessment

    Answer a few questions and we’ll suggest products that best suit your needs.
    Get free advice over the phone

    Get free advice over the phone

    Speak with our continence consultants to help you choose the right product.
    Check your funding eligibility

    Check your funding eligibility

    Find out if you could be eligible for just over $600 in benefits each year

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