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Wherever you are, it is my intention to support you in your journey to wellbeing.

Whether we meet online, in clinic or in a workshop, my deepest hope is to support you in actualizing your personal goals and return to a sense of peace, love an joy.

Deepen your healing journey with a unique fusion of healing techniques and over 20 years of experience in working with the body, mind as a whole.

Adria provides a safe, intuitive and nurturing space to guide you through stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, sexual abuse, pregnancy loss, relationships, grief or loss.


The difference between a mediocre life and an extraordinary life is knowing you are worthy of support

Each session is nurtured by Adria’s personal dedication to living a more peaceful and joy filled life and she respects the courage required to work with your shadow. Although being fiercely independent and at times feeling resistance in sharing her vulnerabilities, years of training have taught Adria that strength is found in asking for help, not ‘figuring it out’ on your own.

Her intention is to listen, support you and allow you to explore your reality. With her loving, compassionate presence, Adria helps you create opportunities to awaken to love, empowerment, clarity, peace and wholeness and is more than just talk therapy..


Adria is a registered Counsellor with over 20 years of experience in natural therapies.

Adria began her studies in the healing arts over 30 years ago, weaving the philosophies of ancient Chinese Acupressure, Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching and Qi Gong Techniques into her personal life and those of her clients. Her journey began at the age of 14 and she began her professional practice in Sydney Australia in 2006.

Adria is a registered Counsellor since 2018 and has a bachelor in Social Science and Anthropology. Her varied background provides a broad and diverse understanding of people, culture and the psychology.



You do not need to have something “wrong” with you to benefit
from a session.

Many of us tend to have some kind of emotional or physical struggle that could use some support, or simply need to relax more. We will go to the doctor for a broken arm, and yet we rarely seek support for a broken heart, grief, depression or loss of clarity.

Clients are often surprised how physical pain can offer insight into an emotional struggle, and how relieving emotional tension and anxiety can feel different in their body and mind.

Taking the next step in your healing journey is a defiant act of self-love.