In-Home Cook

Services offered

 I am a cook – I go to the participant’s home and make a variety of meals to suit their nutritional goals and lifestyle.  The requests can range from preparing little sandwich bags of chopped fruit to be stored in the freezer for smoothies, to prepping vegetables for later use to making a complete meal and cleaning up afterward.
The advantage of this service is that it offers a choice of the preferred quantities to be used, styles of food to be prepped, cooked, presented and stored to personal taste and presence.  Assistance also includes tidying and organizing kitchen cupboards, fridges freezers.
With 6 years experience and NDIS registered I offer a versatile and flexible approach to assisting the nutritional aspect of a challenged lifestyle not only with the types of diets but also just offering ideas in how to package and store meals in the kitchen and the space available.
My business was started in Melbourne but I have recently relocated to Brisbane.  This type of service offers assistance and support with the daily activity of cooking and managing meals whilst trying to juggle work, family or just trying to maintain independence in the face of an increasing physical challenge.
Please contact me for any further information and referrals.

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