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Incubator Recording and Mastering

Services offered

  • Health and Well-being
  • Increased Social and Community Participation

Incubator Recording and Mastering has been servicing Melbournes’ music industry since 1997. Incubator has been working with NDIS clients on a unique time slot created for higher needs individuals. The benefits for the client have been extremely positive and rewarding. Recording a clients music has enhanced their quality of life and provides the client a sense of purpose, a sense of community belonging and participation.

The clients recording session helped reinforce their weekly routine and activities. The sessions are for clients who possess a level “musical ability”, ie write songs on their chosen instrument, Incubator is there to help and guide and capture their expression. It gives the client goals to work towards each week ie their latest song…Their music is a form of communication with their piers, by expressing their “emotions in song” it relieves some of the pressure of trying to fit in and replaces it with a sense of purpose and belonging. Some of the benefits of music are an improvement to communication and or cognitive processing, expression of feelings, helps to control emotions and fosters feel good happy emotions and helps to build self esteem and confidence.

Please enquire about Incubator Recording, each client has specific needs and Incubator endeavours to service the individuals requirements.

contact: [email protected] or phone 0411 479 023

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