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0492 926 385


Services offered

  • Health and Well-being

We want to help all NDIS participants as we have had a huge influx of Plan Managed and Self-Managed NDIS participants come into our Meditation & Mindfulness Studio in South Melbourne – Mirosuna –


We are seeing exceptional results and very quickly as well for participants who find their way to us.


We offer a unique range of effective Meditation based activities both in group and 1:1 settings to help clients with mental health issues like stress and anxiety, overwhelm and overthinking, grief, isolation, depression, PTSD and more.


If you think we will be of service, please check out the following ways you ways you can learn more about us:

  1. Visit our website:
  2. If you have a client that would be great for this, fill in this form to get a free call back/phone consultation:
  3. Call our studio number directly on 0492 926 385 or email us at and we can take you through the process

Either way, we look forward to hearing back from you of how we can be of service to you and truly help your NDIS participants who are struggling with their mental health.

Download our guide to working with NDIS providers