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Services offeredHealth and Well-being

Dance-Movement TherapyPrivate therapy sessions in Dance-Movement (Psycho)Therapy for adults and children from 9 years.Connecting body, mind and wellbeing using a somatic, conceptual and creative approach to movement.  A client-centred approach using Dance-Movement Therapy, to facilitate giving physical shape and form to human thoughts, emotions and life experience.Dance-Movement Therapy (DMT) is a multifaceted modality for healing, empowerment and joy across physical, cultural, emotional, social, cognitive, and integrated domains. This includes addressing the emotional and physical impacts of trauma. DMT experiences are introduced for guiding body-based self-discovery and transformative creative expression. The primary goal is to build new psychophysical capacities through expanding expressive freedom, strengthening self-esteem and developing new emotional resources. This approach is sensitive to cultural context for healing and expressivity in the global community. The DMT approach prioritises emotional safety. Dance-Movement Therapy is a broadly effective approach for healing and wellbeing, that is underpinned by: neuroscience; scientific evidence; ongoing research; creative arts; and holistic frameworks, methodologies and techniques.Clients are invited to a held, safe, welcoming and positive movement space that offers support for individuals. No movement experience necessary, just a curiosity to explore and move. Clients with and without diagnosed mental and/or physical health conditions are invited to a collaborative therapeutic alliance.

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Helen Ilich – Dance-Movement Therapist

Helen holds a Graduate Diploma in Somatics and Dance-Movement Therapy, and she is also a Movement Coach, Somatics Educator, and life-long mover. Her credentials and experience include a spectrum of exciting movement disciplines. Helen brings playfulness and diverse perspectives into the therapeutic movement space that she holds for others.Therapy is offered at professional locations in Merewether and Broadmeadow.Sessions are conducted in private, professional rooms.Parking available on the street.

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