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National Premier Disability Services Pty Ltd.

Services offered

  • Coordination of Supports
  • Core – Assistance with Daily Life
  • Core – Assistance with Social & Community Participation
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Improved Living Arrangements
  • Increased Social and Community Participation

NPDS (National Premier Disability Services Pty Ltd) is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We currently provide services in Sydney, Orange, Brisbane, and Perth, with expansion into other states planed.

NPDS are committed to providing professional support services that are focused on you, the individual, and designed to help you improve your quality of your life.

We will always treat you with dignity and respect and deliver a personal and professional approach to assisting you with your day-to-day life.

We take the time to truly listen to you, to understand your goals and aspirations.

All our staff are hand-picked based on our values and most importantly they are selected based on you, and your needs, your wants and individual life journey and goals.

NPDS Team are passionate about providing individualised supports that enable you to lead a fulfilling1 and enriching2 life.  We empower you to make choices and decisions, building your capacity towards self-determination3.

We are all about enriching people’s lives.

Services we can provide you,

Accommodation – SIL / ILO / STA

(Assistance Daily Tasks/Shared Living)

Are you looking for a fresh new start, your own space to make your new home? We are here to guide you through this process in finding you a place suited to your needs where you can form forever memories with the right supports in place.

Community & Social Activities

(Participate Community)

We will provide you with support to access varies activities, both individually or within a social group.   Social Activities can help you meet new people, form new friendships, and nurture existing friendships.  You choose what you would like to participate in.

Some examples of Social Activities are

  • Visit your local library
  • Group Outing to different locations – eg. Zoo, beach, picnic
  • See a movie or a musical / comedy show
  • Join a sporting club
  • Meeting up with friends and family

Group & Centre Based Social Activities

High Intensity & Complex Care

Our specialised highly skilled staff will attend to all your care needs and requirements, we will set the right supports in place in accordance with your plan.

These will include high intensity physical supports related to;

  • Diabetes management
  • Seizure Management
  • Complex Bowel Care
  • Mealtime Management.

Assistance with Personal Activities

Our qualified staff can assist you with your daily personal care needs, hygiene and grooming.   We will ensure our staff are well experienced and trained to meet your individual needs.  Our staff will ensure that your safety, privacy, and dignity are maintained at all times.

We can support you partially or with full assistances, depending on what you tell us you need.  Some of the ways in which we can offer supports are:

  • Personal hygiene, including showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and grooming.
  • Toileting, bladder and bowel management and menstrual care.
  • Mealtime assistance, this may include meal preparation and cooking, and/or assistance with eating and drinking.
  • Mobility and transferring, for example moving in and out of bed.

Assistance with Travel & Transport

We can assist you in planning for your travel and transport needs.  Our staff will support you to access the various activities, social outings, appointments, work, shopping, etc. that you require.  This can also include the rental of adapted vehicles where it is required.

We will take the utmost care in ensuring your trip is seamless and safe to take you where you need to be.

Support Coordination / Recovery Coaching                 

(Assist Life stage Transition)

Our team are well experienced in being able to assist you to interpret and implement your NDIS plan and to navigate the varies different NDIS Pathways.  NPDS will provide you with the necessary support and guidance for you to able to identify appropriate supports and services to meet your needs, goals, and lifestyle choices.   With our ongoing support we aim to build your skills and ability to have a better understanding and to increase your independence in how to navigate the NDIS.

Assistance with Household Tasks

Depending on your individual needs, our friendly and experienced staff can visit on a regular basis or occasionally, several times a week or every now and then, we tailor services around you and your needs. Our staff will assist you in all essential household tasks you are unable to perform on your own, so you are able to live in a clean and hygienic environment.

Household Tasks may include:

  • Laundry – washing, hanging, putting away including bed sheets / essential ironing
  • Making of bed
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning of bathroom
  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • General tidy up and organisation of living space
  • Lawns and Garden Maintenance

Assistive Products – Household Tasks

Assistive Products (also known as Assistive Technology (AT) provides you the extra support you need to reach your potential.

We can support you to have the right assessments completed to determine what assistive products would be best suited to your individual needs.  We will then ensure you have the right equipment in place to assist you with your daily life and to enable you to be live / work independently in a safe environment.

Depending on your individual needs, equipment can include products that give you independence to be able to prepare meals, cook, and then to eat independently.  May include products to help you to maintain your independence in attending to your daily care needs, e.g. showering, dressing, and grooming.


Brochures and other helpful materials

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