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Pearl Ridge

Services offered

  • Daily Living Skills

At Pearl Ridge Services, we understand the unique needs of each participant and aim to offer tailored services that promote independence and overall well-being.


Our service offerings include :

Ground-level beginner horsemanship and basic interactions with horses, interaction with all farm animals including Sheep, friendly farm dogs, chickens, and horses.  Beginner arena riding if desired.  Cooking including preparing a lunch to eat on the farm.

1. **Personalised Support**: At Pearl Ridge, we understand the importance of individualised care. Our approach focuses on providing one-on-one attention to each participant. This means that your loved ones will receive the dedicated support they deserve, tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

2. **Confidence Building**: We believe in the power of confidence. Our programs and interactions are designed to boost participants’ self-esteem and self-assurance. Through personalised encouragement and skill-building activities, we help individuals with disabilities gain the confidence to pursue their goals.

3. **Being in the moment with horses**: We’re proud to offer a unique opportunity for participants to spend time with horses. Research shows that interacting with these magnificent animals can have a profound calming effect. The gentle presence of horses can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and boost emotional well-being. Our horse-assisted activities provide a therapeutic and enriching experience that complements our one-on-one session time.

4. **Effective Communication**: Open and effective communication is at the core of our service. We actively engage with participants, their families, and support coordinators to ensure that our support aligns seamlessly with the participant’s vision and needs.

5. **Continuous Improvement**: We are committed to ongoing improvement and growth. Regular feedback from participants and their families is invaluable in helping us refine and enhance our services continually.

We take great pride in our role as a trusted NDIS service provider here at Pearl Ridge. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to explore how we can assist your loved ones in their journey to greater confidence,  and independence

NDIS and Animals

  • Improve mental, emotional, social and physical well-being.

  • Boost self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness and reduce anxiety.

  • Improve muscle tone, coordination, sensory integration, motor planning, and mobility.

  • Explore how non-verbal communication can impact interactions with others.

  • Assist in the ability to concentrate.

  • Create a way to approach healing without having to discuss and relive trauma directly.

  • Encourage relationship development, respect, and understanding for living beings.

What will you do at Pearl Ridge?

  • Horsemanship skills from the ground up to beginner arena riding

  • Basic stable work

  • Feed up

  • Helping to care for horses, dogs, chickens and sheep

  • Going for walks on the 45-acre property

What Pearl Ridge can offer you?

  • Confidence in handling horses

  • A quiet serene environment with space to enjoy being still at one with your environment

  • Education with competence-based certificates.

  • One on one undivided attention

  • Home Style Learning

  • Long-term weekly sessions with familiarity and responsibility

Brochures and other helpful materials

Download our guide to working with NDIS providers