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My name is Henry Joyce and I am the Director of Project Health and Fitness.


Project Health is a fitness studio based in Hawthorne, Brisbane. We offer Personalised health and fitness programs that help locals reach their fitness goals and unlock their full potential. Success in any area of your life relies on you having the energy to reach those ambitions. True success is neither attainable nor sustainable if you neglect your body. No matter how busy you are, your health and wellbeing should be your priority – they’re what will enable you to thrive!


Below is a list of our services we provide to clients


One on one personal training – In these one-on-one sessions, you’ll optimise your fitness goals with personalised coaching from one of our professional trainers. They’ll offer realistic advice, plans and out-of-session support to keep you motivated and on track.


Semi-Private Personal Training – In these sessions we get clients to train with up to 3 other people. This allows our clients to stay motivated and on track with their goals. These sessions include a training program along with regular testing to monitor progress.


I am currently training some clients who are on the NDIS program and would like to increase these numbers in the new year. It is important for people with disabilities to maintain physical strength and mental well-being to be able to function in everyday life activities. I would like to form a partnership with Budgetnet so that locals in Brisbane with disabilities can have access to my services.

Below is a referral form that new clients can fill in to get in touch with me.

Looking forward to your response.



Download our guide to working with NDIS providers