Services offered

  • Allied Health
  • Assistive Technology
  • Home Modifications and Specialised Disability

RNS THERAPEUTICS is a dedicated allied health service provider in Melbourne Metro West and North-West. Our allied health clinicians are expert in delivering therapeutic supports to the NDIS participants, understanding their individual needs and health goals.
Our therapeutic support services include –

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Exercise Physiology
  4. Personal Training
  5. Allied Health Assistant (Physio)

Our clinical team is comprised of highly experienced clinicians working in the community for 20+ years helping people achieve their goals.

We understand NDIS well and how to deliver the supports to our client-participants in most efficient and effective way with their allocated funding. We are not only good at maximising the health benefits for our client-participants but also skilled in all types of NDIS report writing to maximise the NDIS funding during the plan review.

If you need a therapeutic support under NDIS then it would be worth giving us a call on 1300 429 143 to find how can we help to make change in your life.


Download our guide to working with NDIS providers