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Xcel fitness and training

Services offered

  • Health and Well-being
Mobile personal trainer working with both children and adult clients providing clients the freedom and flexibility to work on their fitness and health goals in an environment that suits them.

registered NDIS service provider, Registration ID; 4-IMHY7M0.

Strength and conditioning, muscle rehabilitation, injury recovery, balance, coordination, and improve health, fitness, and well-being for adults and children.

children with ADHD, Autism, and help with PTSD and mental health, depression, and anxiety.

Working with clients from diverse backgrounds and with different abilities. I am passionate about helping people achieve their fitness and health goals and firmly believe that all people should have access to the support they need.

Working closely with clients who require support in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis.

Mobile trainers extend our services to schools, offering fitness programs to both staff and students.


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