BudgetNet is part of the nib Thrive family – learn more

Why is nib Group purchasing BudgetNet’s business?

  • nib has been exploring options to enter the NDIS market for a number of years.
  • A key focus for nib in the NDIS space is to make further investment and improvements to develop tailored services for participants.
  • nib’s purpose is “your better health and wellbeing”, and the team at BudgetNet align well with this.
  • We believe the alignment between nib’s Private Health Insurance (PHI) business and BudgetNet’s Plan Management’s services will set us up well to further enhance the experience of NDIS participants.
  • Together we can help facilitate choice & control for our participants.

Who is nib?

  • nib is one of Australia’s largest health funds, providing health insurance to more than 1.5 million Australian and New Zealanders and over 180,000 international students & workers.
  • nib is also Australia’s third largest travel insurer, and a global distributor of travel insurance.
  • As a trusted health partner nib helps health, travel and now NDIS participants make more informed healthcare decisions, and generally live healthier lives.
  • nib has been exploring the NDIS market for a number of years and in 2022 entered the NDIS and created nib Thrive, nib’s NDIS dedicated business. BudgetNet’s business will be part of the nib Thrive family.

Who is Maple Plan?

nib has recently acquired a few different plan management companies, including one called Maple Plan Pty Ltd.  The BudgetNet business will operate under the Maple Plan NDIS registration in the background, but we will continue to be known as BudgetNet for the immediate future.  

Will my terms of service change?

No. The terms of the service agreement that you have with BudgetNet will not change. As always, you have the choice and control of who you chose as your plan manager. If we don’t hear from you by 21 September 2023, we will provide you with a new service agreement to reflect that the BudgetNet business is being operated under the Maple Plan Pty Ltd NDIS registration, but otherwise on the same terms.

Will there be changes to the branding or my dedicated plan manager?

  • There will be no immediate changes to the BudgetNet brand or its high service standards.
  • For participants and providers, it will be ‘business as usual’.
  • Importantly, nib values and wants to preserve BudgetNet’s specialist capability and experience in NDIS plan management.
  • You will continue to work with the same experienced team, making contact in the same way, and working with the same Plan Manager.

Will there be changes to the way I submit invoices, or the way in which they are paid?

No, submitting your invoices and claims will continue in exactly the same way, the process of approving these and having them paid will also continue in the same way.

There will be no change to the payment terms – your trusted providers will continue to receive the same level of service at the same quick rate.

Do I need to do anything differently to what I currently do?

No, please continue to contact us when you need assistance, we will continue to look after your plan management in the same way we always have.

If I choose to cease my plan management with BudgetNet, how do I go about this?

We respect the rights of our participants and a key value we share with the NDIS is choice and control. If you want to, you can always leave BudgetNet and move to another Plan Manager. Please contact us and we can assist you in doing this.