How to manage my NDIS Plan?

There are three ways to manage an NDIS plan, including Agency Managed, Plan Managed, and Self-Managed.

NDIS participant’s have the opportunity to request the way in which they want their plan financially managed. This must be done during the planning process before the plan begins.
What do we mean by “managing an NDIS plan”? The funding in an NDIS plan is available to ensure participants are linked with providers and products that assist them in reaching the goals set out in the plan. When we talk about managing a plan, we mean how will the participant pay for those services/products using their NDIS funds? Below we explore the three different options to financially managing an NDIS plan.

Plan Management- The participant chooses a Plan Management Provider, just like Budgetnet to take care of payments on their behalf.

Participants and their providers send through invoices for services delivered to the participant’s chosen Plan Management company. The Plan Manager will then pay the providers using the participant’s NDIS funding. This option means the participant has additional support when it comes to their NDIS funding without having to do all the work themselves! Find out more about the benefits of being Plan Managed

As a Plan Manager, Budgetnet is available to answer your funding questions, sends participants monthly statements, and offers a real time budget app so participants have access to funding information 24/7.

Self-Management- The Participant pays all invoices and maintains financial records themselves.

Being Self-Managed means the participant or their parent/guardian will manage all NDIS funding. This includes receiving invoices from providers, paying those invoices, and keeping records of all payments. All responsibilities fall on the participant when it comes to managing funding. Self-Management is suitable for those who; have had several NDIS plans, understand the funding process, are organised, and are prepared for the responsibilities of Self-Management.

Agency Management- The NDIA control payments to providers through their online portal.

If a plan is Agency Managed this means the NDIA will pay providers when they input a service booking into the NDIS portal. This option means the participant can only use registered NDIS providers, limiting the flexibility of the plan.

A mix of management types- it is also possible to have different categories of a plan managed in different ways. For example, a plan could be agency managed for core supports but Plan Managed for all other categories.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the management types in the image below:

Now that we have covered the different ways to manage an NDIS plan, you may be wondering how to start managing a plan in your chosen way?

  • At the planning meeting, make sure that your NDIS Planner/LAC/ECEI Coordinator is aware of your chosen management type.
  • If Plan Management is your choice- You may wish to print or email a copy of our request for plan management form as additional documentation.
  • Await your new plan.

How to change the way a plan is managed, before the plan end date?

This is called a light touch review, which is for participants who want to make a small change to their plan, including the way it is financially managed.

  • Speak to your Support Coordinator, LAC, ECEI Coordinator, or contact the NDIA directly by calling 1800 800 100.
  • Let them know you wish to change the way your NDIS plan is managed and therefore require a light touch review.
  • For more information on light touch reviews head to the NDIS website.

For more information on our Plan Management services contact our team on 1300 402 568 or email 

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