How much does NDIS Plan Management cost?

We have some great news, there are no out of pocket costs to participants requesting their plan be plan managed with Budgetnet. Your planner will add extra funds into the “Improved Life Choices” category to cover the costs of accessing our services.
This means all other categories of your plan are free to use on supports you choose to engage. Plus, managing an NDIS plan with Budgetnet gives you ultimate choice & control of your funding, find out why below…
How can being plan managed save funding in my NDIS plan? 

Now that we have covered there are no out of pocket costs to becoming plan managed with Budgetnet, let’s explore how managing your plan this way can SAVE money in your NDIS plan.

Firstly, let’s go over our process. As your plan manager, Budgetnet will handle your NDIS bills. Once you have accessed a support, your chosen provider will send an invoice to be processed using your NDIS funding. We take care of the payment, paperwork, and double-check that the provider is charging correctly.

Now that you understand what our role is in managing your NDIS payments, how can being plan managed save you money in your NDIS plan? Having a plan manager is the best way to maintain control over your funding while still allowing flexibility. Specifically, you will have the option to use NDIS registered or non-registered providers. This largely increases your options of providers, meaning you can shop around for the best price, you are not restricted to NDIS providers only. This can save money in your NDIS budget that you can use on other supports, while still having the peace of mind that your payments are being taken care of without the hassle of doing it all yourself.

Tracking your NDIS spending 

Our budget tracking app is offered to participants so you can easily monitor your NDIS funding, including what has been spent, and what funds are still available.

Another helpful resource to track your NDIS spending is Wentworth Healthcare’s Support Calculator (below). Use this calculator to easily determine whether there is enough funding within an NDIS plan to cover the cost of a new support,  based on the NDIS price guide.

If being plan managed doesn’t have any out of pocket costs, it can save me money in my NDIS plan AND I have a dedicated team of experts to take care of the payments, how can I register?

Option 1: You are looking to receive your first NDIS plan:

When preparing for your first planning meeting, be sure to complete our request for plan management form and give it to your NDIS planner. This will ensure that the funding needed within the Improved Life Choices budget is allocated in your upcoming plan. If you need any advice on the NDIS process just call our team on 1300 402 568, we are here to help.

Option 2: You currently have an NDIS plan (Agency or Self-Managed):

If you are currently agency or self-managed and your plan is still a while away from its end date, have a chat with your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) regarding the possibility of completing an early plan review. This process can be very time consuming and stressful, so our advice is to hang in there until the end of your plan and ensure you are prepared to request plan management in your scheduled planning meeting.

Option 3: You currently have an NDIS plan which is coming up to review:

Coming up to the end of your current plan? Perfect timing to change over to the most flexible and easy way to manage your plan. In your planning meeting with the NDIS, ensure you bring along your request for plan management form. Based on s.43(1)(b) of the NDIS Act, participants have the opportunity to request the way they wish to manage their plan, this can easily be changed at your next planning meeting.

Option 4: You have an NDIS plan and are being plan managed by another provider:

If you’re currently being plan managed with another provider and you’re interested in swapping over to Budgetnet, the process is really simple.
All you need to do is contact your current plan manager, let them know you will be cancelling the service, and ask them for a record of your current service bookings/plan details. Our team is here to assist with this process if needed, contact us at 1300 402 568.

Being plan managed has great benefits, you will use your funding in the best possible way while receiving reliable support from our expert team.

With no long waiting times, our staff are available to discuss your situation and how we can work together to get the most from your NDIS plan. Signing up is simple, with an easy, electronic service agreement we can have you set up in 24 hours.

Call us at 1300 402 568 or email [email protected].