How to solve NDIS payment problems 

We have created this summary which explains some of the most common invoice problem we come across. We try to make the process as easy as possible, please use the below tips to help reduce any billing issues.

As always the BudgetNet team is available to answer any questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 1300 402 568

Problem: Not enough funding 

If a service is provided to a participant but they do not have enough money in their NDIS plan to cover the cost, then the participant will need to pay for the service out of their own pocket.

To ensure this does not happen:

  • Participants or providers can call us to quarantine the funds needed for a service before it is provided. We just need a copy of the signed service agreement. We will then keep aside the required amount as listed in the service agreement to ensure:
    1. The funds are available for the entire lifespan of the service.
    2. The funds do not get used for any other services.
  • Participants can access our Careview Advantage app to track their funds and ensure there is enough available within the required category for the service before getting started. 
  • Participants and providers are welcome to contact our team before beginning a service to receive support and expert advice from our team.  

Problem: Invoice errors

Providers need to create an invoice once they have delivered a service. We have created an easy Invoice Checklist that outlines exactly what needs to be included in the invoice to ensure it is processed without issue. 

Simple errors such as not including your ABN, service dates, or an incorrect NDIS line item could cause payment delays. 

To ensure this does not happen:

Problem: Plan dates 

If a participants NDIS plan ends midway through a provider’s invoicing period and the invoice is not broken down into individual service dates, our accounts team may get in touch to request further action.

To ensure this does not happen:

  • Try to break down your invoices into individual delivery dates when including multiple services in the one invoice. This will reduce the chance of any problems occurring due to the participants plan ending midway through the invoice period.

Problem: Charging over the NDIS price guide  

Providers can only claim up to the amount listed in the NDIS price guide through a participant’s NDIS plan. If the hourly rate (agreed upon by the participant) is higher than the NDIS price cap, the participant will be personally responsible for paying the additional amount. 

To ensure this does not happen:

  • Providers can check the NDIS price cap amounts by heading to the NDIS website. There is a lot of information to process when it comes to NDIS funding so feel free to contact our team to discuss the correct category for your service. 
  • If you are unsure if the amount being charged is in line with the NDIS price cap you can call our team on 1300 402 568. 

Problem: A change in Plan Management provider 

NDIS participants have choice and control over the providers they wish to work with. This means a participant can decide to change their plan management provider and start using BudgetNet’s services at any time within their plan. The previous plan manager will need to release funds, allowing BudgetNet to take over. Until this occurs, we cannot process any invoices.

To ensure this does not happen:

  • Providers should communicate with their participants as frequently as possible. This is the best way to stay up to date with any changes to a participant’s plan. 
  • If a participant does advise you of a change in plan manager we suggest contacting the previous plan manager to ensure your invoices up to the changeover date have been processed.

Our goal is to minimise any payment problems and to continue to process your invoices as quickly as possible. The BudgetNet team is here to support you and ensure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible to avoid payment delays. Contact us at 1300 402 568 or

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